Dulles Toll Road Rate Setting Public Comments

Toll rates on the Dulles Toll Road are set by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the toll road. Toll rates may be adjusted by the Airports Authority only after the completion of a public rate setting process which includes public hearings on proposed rate adjustments and a public comment period. Use the form below to register your comment.

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  1. Whether the proposed increase of $1.25 in the cost of a typical Dulles Toll Road trip should be allocated as proposed between the mainline toll plaza and ramps (i.e., a 50-cent increase at the ramp plazas and a 75-cent increase at the mainline plaza) or should be allocated in a different manner between the ramp and mainline plazas;
  2. Whether, at a future date to be determined, the Dulles Toll Road's toll plaza lanes that allow customers to pay in cash should be converted to "E-ZPass only" (or open road tolling), similar to newer toll facilities;
  3. Whether, at a future date to be determined, credit cards should be accepted in certain Dulles Toll Road toll plaza lanes, similar to the Dulles Greenway and other toll facilities; and
  4. Whether any other operational improvements should be made to the Dulles Toll Road.