The Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee (“DCAC”) is an eight-member committee established by the Permit and Operating Agreement between the Virginia Department of Transportation (“VDOT”) and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (“Airports Authority”). Under the Permit and Operating Agreement, VDOT has authorized the Airports Authority, for a 50-year period beginning on November 1, 2008, to operate the Dulles Toll Road (“DTR"), to set toll rates for the DTR and to collect tolls from DTR users.

The DCAC’s function is to provide advice to the Airports Authority on any changes to DTR toll rates, and on issues related to the management, improvement and expansion of the Dulles Corridor. The DCAC is to meet at least two times a year, unless its members otherwise agree.

Latest DCAC Meeting

The Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee (DCAC) last met virtually on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 2:15PM EST. Materials from the meeting are available here.

Next DCAC Meeting

The next Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee meeting will be held in 2024 (date to be determined).

When the meeting is scheduled information will be posted here.

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