Additional Facts about the Dulles Toll Road

  • Lanes each direction: 4 lanes (3 all-purpose lanes, one HOV-2 lane (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes eastbound from 6:30AM - 9AM, westbound from 4PM - 6:30PM)
  • Toll Road Length: 14 miles
  • Number of Lane Miles: 112 miles
  • Exit ramps off of the Toll Road: 9 westbound and 9 eastbound
  • Toll Lane Configuration: All 59 toll lanes accept electronic payments only
  • Westbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main Toll Plaza
  • Eastbound Toll Plaza Locations: 1 Main Toll Plaza
  • Main Toll Plaza (Westbound and Eastbound): 4 Electronic Payment (E-ZPass or Mobile Phone Apps)

If no form of electronic payment exists for the vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice for missed toll(s).     


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