Public Hearing Notices

Click here to view the Notice of Public Hearings issued Aug. 6, 2009

Click here to view the press release issued Aug. 14, 2019 about the public comment period and public hearing schedule

Three public hearings were held in the Dulles Corridor:

  • Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 in Ashburn
  • Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009 in McLean
  • Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009 in Reston

Public Hearing Materials

Click here to download the entire exhibit packet (PDF; 29 pages; 12.91MB).

OR, click on the individual exhibit topics below to download them separately:

  1. Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (PDF; 8 pages; 3.03MB) 
  2. Dulles Corridor Improvements (PDF; 5 pages; 0.56MB)
  3. Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Finance Plan (PDF; 4 pages; 0.08MB) 
  4. Toll Rate Proposal (PDF; 4 pages; 0.06MB)
  5. Dulles Toll Road Operations (PDF; 3 pages; 0.20MB) 
  6. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (PDF; 3 pages; 2.07MB)

During the public hearing process, The Airports Authority solicited comments from the community about proposed toll rate increases to support the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project and Dulles Toll Road improvements. Some of the comments received included questions which are answered at the link below:

Toll FAQ

New Toll Rates Adopted-November 2009

A final recommendation from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority staff was prepared for the Authority Board of Directors Dulles Corridor and Finance Committees. The document includes all public comments received by the Airports Authority can be viewed at the link below:


The Committees met on Oct. 21, 2009 and voted to forward the recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board accepted the recommendation at its Nov. 4, 2009 meeting. New toll rates took effect Jan. 1, 2010, Jan. 1, 2011 and Jan. 1, 2012.

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