Vehicle Lanes and their usage in the Dulles Corridor

Hwy Lanes

Toll Road Lanes

The Dulles Toll Road operates four vehicle lanes eastbound and four lanes westbound.  During rush hour periods, the left lane is restricted to High Occupancy Vehicles.  The HOV lanes may also be used by vehicles where there is a left-exit to the Airport Access Highway.  The tolls due per vehicle is the same regardless of HOV vehicle status.

HOV Lanes on the Toll Road

The Dulles Toll Road has one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction. HOV-2 (2 or more people per vehicle) restrictions are in effect during weekday rush hours in the left travel lane.  Motorcycles and clean fuel vehicles (hybrid and compressed natural gas) are exempt from HOV restrictions in Virginia, allowing single-passenger vehicles of those types to use the lanes as well.

Clean Fuel vehicle license plates authorized in the HOV lane include these styles:

Violating HOV lane restrictions can result in a citation and fine. Here are the hours of HOV lane restrictions on the Dulles Toll Road:

Violating HOV lane restrictions can result in a citation and fine. Here are the hours of HOV lane restrictions on the Dulles Toll Road:

Days Direction Time
Monday - Friday Eastbound 6:30 to 9:00 AM
Monday - Friday Westbound 4:00 to 6:30 PM

Here are some local carpooling resources. Commuter Connections (1-800-745-RIDE) maintains a database of people looking for carpool or vanpool partners. In addition, these park & ride lots are available adjacent to the Dulles Toll Road:

  1. Reston South Park & Ride at the intersection of Lawyers Road and Fox Mill Road
  2. Reston North Park & Ride at the intersection of Sunset Hills Road and Wiehle Avenue
  3. Reston East Park & Ride at the intersection of Wiehle Avenue and the Dulles Toll Road
  4. Tysons West Park Transit Station at the intersection of International Drive and Spring Hill Road
  5. Herndon-Monroe Street Park and Ride between Fairfax County Parkway and Monroe Street off of Sunrise Valley Drive or Dulles Toll Road Eastbound
  6. Old Ox Road in Loudoun County near the Dulles Greenway 

Airport Access Highway Lanes

The Dulles Airport Access Highway is free of charge for traffic heading to or from Dulles International Airport. 

  • Westbound traffic heading for Dulles can access the road at select locations from the left lane of the Toll Road.  The ramps to the Access Highway are marked by signage.  Once you enter the westbound Access Highway there will be no opportunity to exit until you reach the Airport.
  • Eastbound traffic coming from the Airport can exit to the Toll Road at locations which bypass toll collection facilities.  Signage on the Access Highway will direct you which exits to use based on which Toll Road exit you intend to use.  There are no ramps to re-enter the eastbound Airport Access Highway after exiting from it.  You will need to use the Toll Road.

Traffic using the Airport Access Highway for purposes other than airport business are subject to ticketing and fines.

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